Monday, June 13, 2016

montana mountain drone video

 This is a shot a took with my drone during the sunset in the Montana Mountains I've been camping in. This is truly breathtaking, it's your loss if you skip it!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

So .... Who am I?

It occurred to me that I am a stranger to you. You have not met me, nor are you likely to in the near future (if at all). I am just the words that you read on this page. So why listen to me? I understand that you stumbled upon my website because of a fluke while traversing aimlessly through the internet. So what's to keep you coming back? Or even to remember my websites name!? It's easy to write about my experiences and post pictures, but if you don't know the person in the picture, it just becomes another picture on another website. 

You see, it's my aim to get you to come back! (Obviously) I'm not doing this to get ad revenue (not even popular enough to do so!), I'm not doing this for fame (To much drama), and I'm not doing this just to brag (as I have nothing to brag about, I'm homeless and sleep in a truck)! I want to hear others travel adventures and mishaps! I want YOU to get engaged on my website because I'm doing this for YOU. I'm doing this because many people I know have asked me to jot down my stories before I die from going down a mountain the wrong way (It's already happened once, bad concussion!) or getting stabbed by a hobo (also another tragic story I've been asked to jot down). My adventures tend to be over the top and under duress. 

SO WHO AM I!? This is a tough question. After all, who are you?? How hard is it to answer that question yourself? You are not your job, your job is what you do. You are not your clothes or the shitty two star apartment you live in. You are an individual with thoughts and ideas, with stories and hard aches! That is who you are, and this is who I am. 

I am a foster child. This means a few different things so let me help you understand a little better. I do NOT have parents, they are NOT hiding in the background encouraging me to do my best and they are NOT helping me financially to get through this life. Just as you could not properly convey  to me what it is like to have a loving and caring family, I could not properly convey to you the heartache that comes with this title. I was moved to 30 different houses a year, the most was around 50. If you did the math then you'd see on average I was moved about once a week. I know it's difficult to imagine, but I had no idea where I was going to be in a week. My things never left a box (and my things were ALWAYS stolen) Every house was METICULOUSLY different, to the point that I got labeled as a menace. Now how does being in a different house make me a menace? Well each house had different rules, and different punishments for breaking them.

One time I put the mixing spoon in with the other spoons and my case manager was called so he could have a LONG conversation about being polite and following rules. One time I put the bowl on the top rack of the dish washer and the foster mom got so upset I was sent to a different house! ANOTHER time I asked to cut my hair, but they needed me to go to court and get permission from the judge. So I did, but he said I need doctors permission to cut it, So I went to the doctor and got permission! Even after the doctors permission my case manager came back with 1,001 reasons why I'm not allowed to cut my hair. So I said "F***" it and did it anyways. (My hair was down to my knees and I donated it all to locks of love!) After enough "menacing" events (each reasoning of delinquency just as ridiculous as the last) They officially labeled me as a delinquent (YES! There really is a title in foster care for delinquent children). With this title came a few ... restrictions. One being that I am no longer allowed to live at peoples homes. The night I found out I was a "menace" I had just gotten out of class and walked outside to see my case manager beckoning me into his car filled with my stuff. That night I was moved across the state without warning, into a foster child jail cell. Bars on the windows and even two hired guards watching me as I showered. I wasn't even allowed to call my professors to let them know I'll miss the final. 

This was my life, and that isn't even the beginning. How did I end up in foster care? Well, some things should be kept secret. Foster care is not pretty, and has many MANY flaws to it. Eventually I got out of foster care thanks to the kindness of one person, who opened her house up to a delinquent. 

So what has this delinquent been up to since I've been out of foster care? A LOT! 

Something that I hold very dear to my heart, and that I am constantly striving to better, is my education. I have been in college since I was 14 (Yes, you read that right), I was actually the youngest student enrolled in college in Western Washington on the date that I applied. I'll admit I'm a book worm nerdaholic with an addiction for knowledge. I was the kid in the back of the class who didn't say a single word and went to the library before school, lunch, and even as one of my classes. I was often called a genius, a savant, or a prodigy, but between you and I, I just liked to read. I absolutely LOVED college, I was so happy to skip high school all together! Finally a place where the students WANT to learn.

Well being in foster care AND college was a challenge I didn't see coming! I didn't get rides from the foster parents, I had to take the school bus, easy enough right? Wrong. Most of the time foster care put me on roads without buses or to far out of the school zone that buses didn't traffic the area. So I walked miles to get to school, I was attacked by pit bulls and followed home once. I lost my way quite a few times due to the sheer number of houses I was being transferred from. One time I showed up at an old foster home because I forgot I moved to a different house! Depending on the home, I could use public transportation, for a few months I rode buses for 6 hours a day. My case manager had come to me on numerous occasions telling me to drop out of college because it was costing them to much money to pay for school books and find me transportation. I fought with foster care for many years about being in college and let me tell you, they fought tooth and nail to get me kicked out of college. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, once they even transported me across state unexpectedly just as finales were starting. I had to actually withdraw from 21 CLASSES while going through foster care. Even though I had gone to every class, every lecture, and every meeting, I had to take a withdraw from these classes. The excuses piled up, foster care didn't want to pay for books so I couldn't do the homework. They stopped providing me transportation so I had to walk miles upon miles and hop on 6 different buses in a day and ride a boat across the water. Well this didn't deter me.

After YEARS of court and corrections made with the school
I have finally fixed my education from a 1.1 G.P.A to a 3.8!!

I am still going to school, but due to lack of funds I had to get creative in how I made money. I don't have parents to help me. Can you imagine going to college without your parents giving you money or a place to stay? Or even just encouragement to do your best. Well I had to try and figure it out myself. That's when I became a nurse for hospice kids. This job is as sad as you imagined it. Me and a friend both managed to get this job due to my education background and his military medic record. Even with our training we found that watching children die an untimely death was to much for either of us to bare. Especially when my boss was under surveillance by the F.B.I for embezzlement (The company soon after shut down.)

So now you know a bit about me (assuming you read everything here. It's a lot though! I wouldn't blame you for skipping to the end) I have many more stories just because of the type of person I am, but I think you're brain may be craving something other then learning about a stranger. So why don't you shut off your computer (I know this is contradictory to trying to get you to explore my website more! BUT THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!) and read a book, or walk your pup, or go climb a mountain!

I hope to see you back on here again though!

With love ~

Archer Tesla

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

GoPro Cat Adventures In the Mountains of Washington State! MUST WATCH!

I've been training my cat since day one to walk on a leash, now he doesn't even need a leash! Watch Aidoneous (Latin for Hades/ The Devil) as he conquers tenacious squirrels, spelunking in cat caves, and crossing logs over dangerous heights! I'm getting ready to travel around America with him so look for our videos from your state =)
Heres an HD GoPro Cat perspective!

Monday, May 2, 2016

GoPro Cat You Have To See To Believe!

I've been training my cat since day one to walk on a leash, now he doesn't even need a leash! Watch Aidoneous (Latin for Hades/ The Devil) as he conquers tenacious squirrels, spelunking in cat caves, and crossing logs over dangerous heights! I'm getting ready to travel around America with him so look for our videos from your state =)

My Friends All Think I'm Going To Die.

Thank you all for the encouraging words!
R.I.P Archer Tesla
(Eaten by a bear)

As I sit here a week from my departure I finally post on my social media about how I'm leaving. I was expecting some cheers and a few jealous saboteurs perhaps, but I wasn't expecting this. A mass amount of texts and social media messages warning me not to get killed!

 OR the more heart wrenching one! Warning me about my cat dying!
OR my friends are contemplating murder!! 
 Or they are thinking about murdering me! 
But ultimately it looks like I'll die by being ripped apart by a bear, or kidnapped by a crazy hobo.
So thank you to everyone who warned me about the alien butt pirates and hostile hobos, I see you all have tremendous faith in me. I will be back and hopefully I wont be a deaf, blind, peg legged, hook for hands. 

Think A Woman Can't Shoot? Think Again!!

So I like shooting. It's no secret, my name kind of gives it away. Most of the time I'm shooting bows but this time I got a rare chance to shoot a .50 cal right into the back of a hill side on the beautiful island of Friday Harbor in Washington state. I stayed there for three days of shooting and I have to say it was a fantastic trip. The family running Guns and Laces are wonderful, friendly people and I had a fantastic time.

So please enjoy the video!
AND check out their websites review on me! =)

My Seattle Seahawks Golden Tate Music Video Adventure!

Ok, Ok, before you say "I watched this three times and never saw you!" Well I am in it, I'm in the far far back hidden amongest the hubub lol. I am the Mike Wazowski of music videos. 

This music video actually has an interesting story to it. I was looking for something to do and ran across an ad to do a Seattle Seahawks music video for Golden Tate, so obviously I hopped on bored and signed up! Well they approved me and didn't even give me 24 hours notice. We were all going to meet in Seattle the next morning and hop in an RV and drive down to San Fransisco.

Well everything went amazing, no one tried to kidnap me or anything! The rapper Kwabe is actually a really cool guy, didn't smoke or drink though the women were very persistent at offering. So we filmed down in California for the day and ate at the In-and-out burger (Really over rated if you ask me) then we headed back THAT night.

This is where it gets interesting. As everyone was getting off the RV, everyone started losing things. One girl lost a hat, another lost some shorts, I lost my socks and the Seahawks shirt I wore that day, and the guys were missing a few knickknacks. It seemed harmless and we all went our separate ways and put it in the back of our minds. A few days later though I got a frantic call from the director saying the main camera was missing!!!!! A lot of footage was also lost in this sinister theft. Apparently two of the girls (They appeared to be very close friends) pointed a finger at ME!? I was shocked obviously!

Since no one knew me (or those other girls) it was a he-said-she-said type of deal. After some more conversing we finally split ways on the phone and I sat down a little dumb founded. Well after pondering weather or not he was the one who actually lost it and is blaming it on others I got another phone call. This time from the police. The asked me questions about the missing camera and said that EVERYONE thought I stole the camera except Kwabe. I know this sounds really bad, and almost incriminating, but since I didn't steal anything I don't have a problem telling this story. The cop wasn't convinced I stole anything and even stated that the whole "Going down to California for a music video with one days notice was strange." and he even said that I should be more careful with the type of ads I respond to.

So needles to say this was an amazing trip with some unexpected events that make it a little bitter sweet. A lot of the footage I was in was stolen so they had to reshoot everything and was only able to put a few shots in there with me or any of those girls. I don't mind, I think the adventure was really the biggest prize for me.